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The feedback from your training classes has been among the best that I have ever received and I have worked with a lot of instructors "

- Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, Indiana







Enterprise Project Management Training

Enterprise Project Management Training

Microsoft Office Project Server trainingWe offer a full range of public, on-site and remote courses designed to support your deployment of Microsoft Office Project and Microsoft Project Server.

All of our courses are customizable and tailored to meet your objectives. All workshops can be conducted for either the 2003, 2007 or 2010 Microsoft enterprise project management systems.

For twenty years we have specialized in project management skills and software training and we have worked with groups acrossMicrosoft Office Project Professional and Standard training North America and in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Honestly, we have conducted workshops in every imaginable situation. In barns, on the factory floor, in high security environments, in rooms full of servers, and in some of the most high tech facilities in the country. Regardless of your environment, we can meet your objectives by providing the best tailored training available.

See comments from Microsoft Project and Project Server workshop participants

Workshop Design Philosophy

Our workshops are designed to shorten the time it takes to see real results from project management efforts. The workshops are unique and unrivaled in their effectiveness.

Our workshops are designed with respect for the adult learner and are:

  • Highly customizable. You get the training exactly the way you want it, focused on your business needs. 

  • Skill-based. Every course focuses on real-world application combined with just the right amount of knowledge acquisition.  

  • Role-based. We tailor our workshops specifically to the role specific groups or individuals play in the project environment.  

The training events are supported by practical software, multimedia and visual tools (i.e., Process Bridge, full-color laminated job aids, web-sites, reference portals, full-color posters, etc.) to make the effort of learning easier and the process of application faster and clearer.  

All workshops are consistent with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and PMI’s Competency Development Framework which places an emphasis on the project professional’s knowledge, skills, behavior and their development of appropriate improvement strategies.

If you are looking for training on your enterprise project management system, training can be tailored specifically to your workflow and configuration. For example, see how we have customized the ribbon in Microsoft Project 2010 to better apply best practices when using the software and flow with our standard course outline for classes related to this software.

Example of a Microsoft Project Server workflow

Click to enlarge Microsoft Project and Project Server workflow graphic

Workshop Model

This following illustrates our training model. We believe most training events are more effective when they are augmented with a skill assessment and pre and post workshop activities. With all training engagements we work hard to maximize the learning and skill transfer.

Microsoft Project and Project Server Workshop Model

Click to enlarge Microsoft Project and Project Server training model graphic

Workshop Matrix

Nine core courses make up our EPM and Project Management training curriculum. In the chart below each workshop is listed along with the roles the training is targeted for.

Microsoft Project and Project Server (Project Web App) Workshop Matrix

Download PDF

Brief Workshop Descriptions

A brief description for each workshop is provided below. Please contact us for detailed outlines, pricing, references, and how these workshops can be tailored and can be best presented for your organization.




Work Thru Project Management™ - with or without Microsoft Project (3-4 days) These first two workshops are pure project management workshops that can be taught using Microsoft Project when appropriate. The difference between these two workshops is the format and the type of exercises the participants engage during the class. In this first workshop, participants work individually on "their own real live projects," and in the second workshop participants work in teams on "class selected" projects that typically are not work related. In both of these workshops the standard project management tools and techniques, as illustrated in the Project Management Institutes PMBOK Guide, are presented.  


The strength of Workshops 1 & 2, in contrast to most popular project management workshops on the market, is the tight integration between project management tools and techniques and the way Microsoft Project works. If taught with Microsoft Project, these two workshops can be presented using Microsoft Project "stand alone" or "in the enterprise" with Project Sever.




Think Thru Project Management™ - with or without Microsoft Project (3-4 days) This workshop presents the standard project management tools and techniques as illustrated in the Project Management Institutes PMBOK Guide. Participants work in small groups on "class selected" projects of their choosing during the workshop.


The group selected projects are typically not related to the participant's work; however we have created standard "work related" case studies for the teams to work on during the course. Both approaches are very effective.




Microsoft Project Overview  (2-3 days) Participants learn the 8 conceptual areas of Microsoft Project and how all of those conceptual areas interact to make up the scheduling engine.


If participants work on class example projects we can cover all 8 conceptual areas of Microsoft Project 2003 in 2 days. We need 2.5 days minimum for Microsoft Project 2007 and 2010. If participants work on their own project during the workshops, we need a minimum of 3 days.


Our view over the years has always been that learning and skill transfer is always greater when participants' work on their own projects during a course. Our highly skilled "consultant trainers" can easily manage a workshop with participants all working on different types of projects.




Advanced Microsoft Project “Think & Explore” (2 days) This is more of an advanced Microsoft Project workshop than the previous workshop. Participants are presented the 8 conceptual areas of the software and the depth of coverage is determined by the interest and experience of participants.


Typically, this workshop is consultative in nature in which we work with your advanced users to push the limits of the software, address specific issues and problems, and gain a strong understanding of the scheduling engine and how to practically apply the functionality. 




Microsoft Project/Project Web Access as Client - Initiating, Planning and Tracking in the Enterprise (2-3 days) Participants are presented the 8 key conceptual areas of Microsoft Project with an additional emphasis on the enterprise features.


Project Web Access/Windows SharePoint Servers workflow and functionality are also covered in the workshop.


If this workshop is taught on-site or remotely, the materials are tailored for your configuration.




Project Server Configuration and Administrators (3 days) This is a three day functional hands-on class where students learn how to perform the configuration and administration for their organization. This is not a technical administration or DBA class but rather an entire pass on the actual configuration (permissions, tracking choices, view creations, enterprise fields, importing projects, etc.) of Project Server for a specific use within an organization.


In this workshop participants work on their own configuration.  




Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Boot Camp (5-6 days) This is a fast paced, hands-on, intense five to six day workshop covering all the 19 conceptual areas of Microsoft Project Professional and Project Server with Windows SharePoint Services. This workshop is designed to give the participant a complete and in-depth touch and feel of what it would take to set up and run a project management enterprise using Microsoft Project Professional and Project Server/SharePoint Services.


The first part of the workshop is on configuring and administering Project Server and Windows SharePoint Services. The second part of the workshop focuses on setting up and using Project Professional and Project Web Access against the configuration created in the first part.


At minimum, this is a 5 day workshop for EPM 2003 and 6 days minimum for EPM 2007 and 2010. Because of the consultative nature of the workshop, it might even span 8 to 10 days in some cases.


It is common for us to set up an EPM prototype for a customer by using this workshop. During the first 3 or 4 days we install and make a first pass at Project Server configuration with a small group of Project Server Business Administrators. During the second part of the workshop (2 to 4 days), we then work with your entire prototype team, training them on using Microsoft Project and Project Web Access/WSS against your configuration. We then finish this workshop with pilot and deployment strategies, expectations, planning and next-steps.


If you are considering deploying Microsoft's EPM system, this workshop is one of the more comprehensive, reasonable and cost effective ways to proceed.




Microsoft Project Server Installation & Deployment (2 days) The Installation and Deployment training is a two day hands-on class where participants learn how to plan, install and deploy the Microsoft Project Management Enterprise Solution. Depending on the environments we are working in during the course, participants may go through multiple installations of Project Server in a multiple server configuration.

We can also teach you how to:

  • Install Microsoft Project Sever

  • Derive requirements for business configuration

  • Define a realistic deployment strategy

We can do installation training remotely and in as little as 1 day.



Microsoft Web Access for Project Managers, Teams, and Stakeholders (4 hours) The focus of this tailored workshop is on the selected features in PWA and how a particular role (Project Manager, Team Member, Resource Manager, Executive, etc.) is performed in Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management system.

Typically this is a 4 hour workshop but it can run less or more depending on your objectives and Project Server configuration.

We can do this workshop on-site, remotely, with blended formats, or pure web-based without a live instructor.


MS Project and Microsoft Project Server Training








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