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Project Server 2007 SP1 to be released December 2007

We just heard from a credible source a couple of days ago that Project Server 2007 SP1 should be available mid December 2007. We also confirmed this news from several sources in the grapevine.

Maybe this is just us, but we have been given dates in the past that didn’t pan out so we are keeping our figures crossed but not betting the farm. In addition, from what we understand, this service patch will address only some of the many issues with Project Server 2007. It will incorporate previous hot-fixes available only to those customers who experienced a respective problem and contacted Microsoft. The “word on the street” is that this earlier than expected release date can be contributed in part to the strong feedback a few people were willing to give Microsoft during and after the technical conference.  

Of course not everyone appreciates the openness in which some people are willing to be both public and frank about the current state of affairs but we appreciate those who are. One person with a Microsoft email address recently emailed us the following:

See article the article this email references.

Our reason for publishing news like this on SP1 is we have customers who have been considering going back to EPM 2003 because of 2007 problems, or are frankly on the fence not knowing what to do about product selection, or even when it might be safe to move out of prototype or pilot into production.

Warning: Don’t be the first kid on the block to apply SP1. If you remember, SP2 for Project Server 2003 was pulled because of the problems it was causing some customers and then released at a later date as SP2a. Our suggestion is that since you are not likely to get any kind of notification about there being problems with SP1 or if it is clear sailing, you might consider reviewing the discussion groups after SP1 has been released and see if people are reporting problems. If you remember this simple URL (www.microsoft.com/project) it has always redirected to the Microsoft Project main page and you will notice information on this page related to updates and how to find the Microsoft Project/Project Server discussion group area.   

Reporting a Project Server 2007 Bug

We are surprised to find a vehicle to submit bug reports on Project Server 2007 that users can actually browse, and we encourage people to visit this site to review the issues people are reporting. Some of the incidents are kind of fun to read, one of our favorites is a “feature request” to “fire the manager of the testers.” The address for this site is www.connect.microsoft.com but it is not easy to navigate to the Project Server bug page, so this is the navigation: 

  • You will need a Microsoft Live Membership or Passport Account. If you have an MSDN subscription, the logon used for your subscription works as well.

  • Under the titles “Top-Rated Feedback" and “ Connect Now!” you will see several links. Click the (All Connections) drop down arrow and scroll down ¾ of the page and click on a link entitled “Microsoft Office Project 2007." Then click on More...

Not all of the issues are bugs of course, some are simply valid feature requests. From our perspective there can be at times a fine line between what it technically a bug and a feature requests. Regardless, having a place to go to view issues users are submitting can at provide insight and at minimum may help to answer the questions  “Is it me or the software?” or “Am I the only one having this problem?”

We always like to hear from people regardless of the feedback. Our feedback form allows you to send an anonymous message if you like, and the form does not store a respondent's IP. Click for Feedback Form

Warm regards,

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